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The Battle for the Solar System (Complete)

The Pandoran war machine ravaged the galaxy, driving the human race to the brink of destruction. Seven men and women stood in its way. This is their story.

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Three Guys Apocalypse v0.8

Wed, 1st July 2020

Work on Three Guys Apocalypse is progressing smoothly. The core game is now complete, with the ending left to be implemented. Graphics, scripting, and codex entries will be added in next. All being well, the game will be 100% complete before the end of the year. An early access version of the game will likely be uploaded to itch.io when work on v0.9 commences, so players can try the game out and suggest changes, report issues, and help to make tweaks.

A gameplay video of v0.8 has also been recorded, which can be seen below:

In the video, the Guys head to the caves to search out and eliminate Blue Bad Guys. There are some things in the gameplay to notice. There is no opportunity fire, so both the player and the AI are free to walk up to their opponent and fire at close range. This has its pros and cons. The pro being that you will never miss at such a range. The bad thing is that if the attack does not defeat your opponent, they are now free to shoot you at the same distance. Another thing to notice is how discovered items need not be collected as they are found; once the map is cleared, all discovered items will be automatically recovered and placed into the player's stash when returning to the hub (the game prompts in this video that not all the collectables have been found before the last Guy exits the mission).

The Blue Bad Guys seen here are the weakest enemies. They have just 1 hit point and tend to ignore the player most of the time. They are also armed with a pistol, which does just 1-4 HP of damage depending on where the shot lands (being shot in the back and sides does more damage than being shot in the front).

A couple more screenshots can also be seen below:

More updates as development progresses.

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