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HF-Tech's chips have changed the world. Embedded into the heads of over 90% of the world's population, they have cured autism, dementia, provided intelligence boosts, and helped to ease some of the more mundane tasks in life. Daniel Blair, hacker and Workshop member, however is not convinced that everything is as rosy as it seems. But is he looking in all the wrong places..?

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Three Guys Apocalypse

Thu, 4th June 2020

We're pleased to announce a new upcoming game: Three Guys Apocalypse! This is a turn-based strategy game, featuring the dudes from Three Guys: Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Green Guy. The player will be tasked with leading the Guys to victory over a virus that has mutated other Guys and returned them into hideous monsters (basically, they're now colours other than red, yellow, or green, which is really bad).

Right now, game development is progressing well. Internally, the game is up to v0.6, with quite a number of other features to come before the v1.0 release. The core gameplay is almost there. More details will be made available in a later post. Until then, you can find out more about the story and see more screenshots on the game's dedicated page (see below):

Three Guys Apocalypse

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