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Water Closet ported to PlayStation Vita
Tue, 4th January 2022

The Legend of Edgar 1.35
Sat, 1st January 2022

Achievements tutorial
Thu, 2nd December 2021

SDL2 Rogue tutorial
Thu, 30th September 2021

SDL2 Gunner tutorial
Fri, 27th August 2021

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The Red Road

For Joe Crosthwaite, surviving school was about to become more than just a case of passing his exams ...

Click here to learn more and read an extract!



Three Guys is a puzzle game for involving Three Guys: Red, Yellow, and Green. Red is feeling hungry, so he recruits two of his pals to help him look for diamonds, for lunch. Along the way, the Guys will need to use their skills to build bridges, push blocks, avoid traps, find keys to open doors, use teleporters, dodge lasers, and all sort of other things. The game features 100 levels of brain-teasing puzzles.


  • 100 levels to master
  • Control Red, Green, and Yellow Guys, each with unique abilities
  • Use tools to build bridges, and TNT to blow down walls
  • Collect optional Stars on levels to fully master the course
  • Avoid traps such as spikes, lasers, and teleporter accidents
  • Push blocks around (we all love that!)
  • Awesome 8-bit style sound effects
  • Relaxing music to listen to while excercising your brain muscles




5,205Kb (6th August 2019)

5,265Kb (6th August 2019)



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